Maciej Sojka

Maciej Sojka

Maciej Sojka is Head of YouTube Content Partnership for  Central and Eastern Europe. He is responsible for building relationship between YouTube and key content player in the regions.
Maciej has over 20 years of experience in media sector. Prior to join Google Maciej was responsible for launching several media startups as project  leader. He was CEO of 24 news channel  TVN24 where he also develop several  other thematic channels. He also managed as CEO - satellite DTH Pay platform “N” in Poland -   that achieved 1 million subscribers in the first 3 years of operation. Maciej is alumni of  University of Warsaw’s  Department of Journalism and Advance Management Program of Harvard Business School.

Cég: Video Partnership Central and Eastern Europe

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Előadó: Maciej Sojka (Video Partnership Central and Eastern Europe)
DÉLUTÁNI szekció - A CSATORNÁN | 2013.11.14. 14:50 - 15:10 | Előadás

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